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Global implementation at Provimi

We are very pleased to announce that Provimi has chosen OEE Toolkit as their global OEE suite.

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Provimi is now using FullFact's software at 36 manufacturing sites around the world! Provimi is a world leader in animal nutrition and related know-how.

The global presence of Provimi is anchored in their strong brands in many markets as well as exports around the world. With a strong track record in nutrition Provimi has established a network of businesses which manufacture products and supply technical support for all species, including ruminants, poultry, swine and pets. With some 70 production centers in 27 countries and exporting to over 100 countries, the Provimi Group is a global player employing about 7,000 people and achieving total annual sales of € 1.6 billion.

Arnold Rekmans speaks of his two years experience with FullFact’s OEE


Pumping machines, the smell of syrups and all kinds of motion. At Refresco Maarheeze they make sure that during each heat wave we can enjoy soft drinks, water and juices. Anything that comes in a can; six different types and sizes, suitable for over 200 products. A well oiled machine, with everything under control at Maarheeze. And that needs to be the case at one of the country's largest producers of canned soft drinks, water and juices. In the last three years, plant manager Arnold Rekmans has takenproduction numbers in Maarheeze to a higher level. In doing so, Refresco used OEE Toolkit from FullFact.


Combination OEE Toolkit and improvement teams ensure healthy Kingspan Unidek


Kingspan Unidek in Gemert produces EPS products for construction and the industrial sector. EPS is also known as Styrofaom polystyrene and the options with these little balls are endless. "The previous director once even made a boat out of Unidek polystyrene. Which says something about the strength of the material!" says Matthijn Künz, Manager of Process Development at Kingspan Unidek. The originally family run business has been using OEE Toolkit since 2007.


FullFact congratulates Koppert with winning the DHL trophy award


Koppert is an international market leader in the field of biological crop protection and natural pollination. They are known for its reliability, innovation and quality. Koppert provides reliable biological systems for growers' crop issues.