Results FullFact Customer Satisfaction Survey

Last December we sent out the 2013 FullFact Customer Satisfaction Survey. We are very glad that so many of you took the time to fill out the questionnaire.

One of the questions  the survey addressed was:  what OEE improvement  have you accomplished by using OEE Toolkit?  The results were very impressive: the average OEE improvement was 17,4%! 

Moreover, we highly valued your feedback and we will use it to further  improve our products and services. 

 6 ARN klein

Photo: Ron de Greef and Erik van Rikxoort. Ron de Greef  from ARN Tiel won the Ipad!



• Almost 70% of the respondents uses OEE Toolkit on a daily basis.

• The ease of use of OEE Toolkit is valued as High or Very High for 64% of the respondents.

• 57% of the respondents rate the standard set of features of the OEE Toolkit suite as High.

• Respondent about the implementation: ‘’ We got very good support from FullFact engineer through the entire project cycle.’’

• Half of the respondents valued the level of on-site services as High.

• Comment on the FullFact helpdesk: ‘’Always good help and answers’’ and ‘’Quick responses in the right way.’’

• Respondent on RemoteCollect:  ‘’Easy, simple, logic’’.

•  ‘’It’s very easy for operators to use RemoteCollect. Big tiles and good and simple interface.’’ Operator: ‘’The RemoteCollect is straightforward to use.’’

• Respondent on reports: ‘’One click reports’’.


Accomplished improvements by using OEE Toolkit:

• ‘’Increased capacity by 30%, avoidance of 3rd shift operation, estimated 20 KGBP per annum.’’

• ‘’We have on paper what’s been assumed before.’’

• ‘’20% increase OEE in 2 years, from 35% to 55% for a small volume high complexity packing facility.’’

• ‘’Mindset of the total company.’’

• ‘’The right decisions on management level and an insight in opportunities.’’

• ‘’Specific project work and long term >=5% year on year improvement across all lines.’’
• ‘’OEE from 55% to 65%.’’

• ‘’We got better uptime on our equipment, reliable and better understanding what is causing interruptions on our processes.’’

• ‘’Time’’

• ‘’The OEE in the equipment has improved significantly and losses are now easily attributed to actual causes.’’