Champions do not stand still

Feedback Sessie

People play a central role in every improvement method. The active participation of staff members is of the most crucial importance in order to achieve success with any improvement methodology.
However just as technology may fail, even the most enthusiastic staff member might “get bogged down”. He finds it difficult to integrate the implemented improvement method into his daily work routine.

To lend a helping hand to especially these enthusiastic and passionate staff members, we will organize a Feedback Session. During this session we will be listening to any work related issues that every operator, production leader and team leader encounters.

After the first level in which technology and processes play a major role, we lift the organization to a higher level. What matters here is insight of the staff member. How he can achieve his personal best performance. And how to facilitate this as an organization.
How to encourage your staff members to become champions. How to gain forward momentum in thinking again and to keep climbing up, after all Champions do not stand still!

When you want more information about this training you can contact us at telephone number +31 499 872 507.