Advies01FullFact: the Key Enabler for optimizing your production performance! FullFact offers a wide variety of consulting activities and a pragmatic, realistic approach to addressing your needs. Based on over a decade of experience, we know what it takes to implement OEE on the shop floor, in your KPI's, and in your ICT environment.

Moreover, we know what it takes to integrate OEE in your business processes, and what it will do for the people in your organization. Our scope ranges from the shop floor to your companies' board. This is the same for the relevant IT aspects. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of their clients, their businesses and a proven track record of delivering OEE solutions in many industry sectors. Some examples of our activities:

Implementation quick-scan

What will be the impact of an OEE implementation for my organization? How much time will it cost me, and will it cost my people? What can I expect to happen with my shop floor employees if OEE is implemented? These questions, and more, are answered in the Implementation quick-scan.

Analysis and evaluation

It is always important to evaluate after a predetermined testing period.
Are we getting the most out of OEE and if not, how can we improve are way of working? How can we best analyze the information gathered from OEEblue? Questions like these should be asked every so often. The first analyses and evaluation session is the most important one, but we strongly advise you to have at least one evaluation a year.

Advies02Multi-site standardization

Being the experts on both OEE and OEEblue, we can help your organization to create synergy between the sites through standardizing OEE Definitions and approach. We will look both to the software and to the organizational aspects of the OEE implementation in your various sites.
We will create a common OEE way of working in your company, which will help people on the shop floor to exchange ideas and best practices, and it will help you better specify the strengths of your various sites. Your shop floor employees will be motivated to teach to and to learn from other sites by creating higher OEE's. A streamlined OEE way of working will make your employees’ job much easier, which will lead to a higher rate of job satisfaction.