Training01Introducing and implementing OEE doesn't stop with just buying software. Our OEE experts will assist and guide you through the whole process. Before, during and after we will help to get the most out of OEE. FullFact likes to keep things clear and simple.
Below you will find the various trainings are offered in these packages.

Kick-off Meeting

The upcoming period will be all about the roll out of OEEblue. This will have a major impact on your business. Because you will now have a new KPI at your disposal; Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
So what can you expect ? This Kick-off Meeting prepares your team for the upcoming period. Our consultant will cover subjects as project planning, milestones and deliverables.

The audience of this meeting are line management, project management, your future key-users and your IT department. The attendance of your IT officers is essential as they need to know what preparations are needed before OEEblue is going to be implemented. This meeting will take place on site, or via the web.

Project Management

In Basic Project Management we are planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources for the OEE Toolkit implementation. Especially for the Gold package we have developed Advanced Project Management. We are not only planning and organizing but we also carry out all project related issues. FullFact’s Project Management assures a kick start for your OEE project!

Awareness Workshop

What are the consequences of implementing OEE in your company and what are the benefits of Overall Equipment Effectiveness? The goal of this session is to get an aligned companywide view on OEE. The aim is to explain OEE within Continuous Improvement, we will cover the benefits and the pitfalls of OEE, with the Industry Standard as our guideline. We will discuss in what way your plant can benefit most from working with OEE.

Definition Workshop

The Definition Workshop is the basis for your OEEblue implementation. Together with you we set up the master data for your factory in our software. That means that we will define all types of standstills, the 6 big losses, threshold times, production counters etc. The visual configuration of RemoteCollect will also be determined during the session. For the Definition Workshop we would like to invite representatives from the shop floor, line management and other OEE stakeholders in order to have the right definitions.

OEEblue Training

We have installed OEEblue, but now what? Learn ways to control your OEE. Discover different ways to view your performances by using charts, pies, pareto’s or use our automatically generated management report. This is all just one click away. Very important to know is the basis of OEEblue. That is why Overall Equipment Effectiveness theory will be a part of your OEEblue Training. We will teach you how to work with our software suite, from a complete management analysis to understandable steps in OEEblue for your shop floor workers. The OEEblue Training will be aimed at various audiences.

OEEblue Training - Basic

The Basic Training includes OEE theory and training on-site about OEE in your factory. The Six Big losses will be explained, how to analyze in OEE data, how to avoid pitfalls, and how OEE-management can be executed best.

OEEblue Training - Management

With one glance, management needs to have a complete overview of OEE performances. FullFact takes care of that, so you will have time to translate OEE information into concrete actions. We train you in how to use the right analyses and help you establish realistic goals. Your company KPI’s will be translated into OEE goals. We will explain how you can use the data and analyses from OEE Toolkit to obtain your goals.

OEblue Training - Key-users

Your key-users are the main users of OEE Toolkit, so they really need to know about all the ins and outs of OEE Toolkit. We will walk you through the features of OEE Toolkit, how to set-up master data and how to use graphs and reports. We aim at improving the understanding of OEE and the awareness of production losses.

OEEblue Training – Shop floor

The OEE Toolkit Training for your shop floor is all about explaining OEE in a clear and easy manner to your operators. Your staff will practice the use of OEEblue, mainly Remote Collect, together with a FullFact consultant.

Implementation Workshop

This workshop will take place after the Definition Workshop, the purpose is to configure OEEblue exactly to your needs. We discuss the functionalities and features of OEEblue in detail. Our aim is that all your questions about the software are answered after the workshop.

Administrator Training

The Administrator Training covers all technical ins and outs of OEE Toolkit and its modules. The focus of the training will be on the installation, configuration and editing of the master data and user interfaces. The Administrator Training is especially for the IT officer, application manager and key-users.

Daily Management Training

With Daily Management Training, we will teach you how to use Overall Equipment Effectiveness on a daily basis. Together with you we design and facilitate a daily management system that works. Main topics are: how to organize improvement projects and how to organize improvement routines at all levels of your organization. We discuss what your current Continuous Improvement methodologies are and what your desired state is. The Lean view on management, OEE visualization, tasks and responsibilities will be covered in the Daily Management Training. Two pillars in Daily Management are of importance: visualization and performance meetings.

Daily Management Implementation

We are going to put our Daily Management plan into practice. Your shop floor workers are essential in the process of implementing and embedding OEE in your factory. So it is of great importance that they support OEEblue. Therefore we train your employees so that they feel motivated and encouraged to work with OEEblue in their daily routines. We will use the expertise of your employees about your production facility and combine it with our knowledge to implement OEE into your daily management. It is fun, and it makes their work a lot easier. After the implementation you can feel and see the difference in your factory, OEE becomes a vivid part of your daily routine.

Shop floor follow- up

After the initial start-up of OEEblue we test the software and optimize the setup. The fine-tuning of OEEblue at your plant is very case specific and needs the involvement of your key-users and IT department. At the same time this vital part of the implementation is the completion of the installation.

Training02Analysis Workshop

Are we getting the most out of OEE? And how can we improve our way of working? How can we best analyze OEE information?

The first Analysis Workshop is most important, however, we advise to have at least one evaluation a year. Your current method will be discussed as well as your future methods within Continuous Improvement. This session will zoom into data validity, how to improve your Continuous Improvement and how OEEblue can be best embedded in that process. For a sustainable Continuous Improvement point of view it is important to develop OEE progressively. Therefore we will provide a quick review of OEE theory and discuss the use of functionalities of OEEblue. In short, we offer in-depth knowledge to boost your OEE project.